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Thai Healing Center

Thai Herbal Compression Massage

A traditional massage using steamed herbs

What is a Thai Herbal Compression Massage

The Thai Herbal Compression Massage is a fusion of Thai Massage (Nuad Boran) and Thai Herbal Medicine (Maw Hom) to achieve even greater results. Herbs are formed into either a small or large compress which is then heated using steam to draw out their essential oils. The smaller ball is used in a facial massage while the larger is used for a body massage. A number of techniques are used with the compresses including, pressure, rocking, orbital motions, and dragging and is used in conjunction with other Thai Techniques to work on specific symptoms.

What you can expect

Moh Puiy will make the herbal compression ball from a blend of fresh and dried herbs and wrap them tightly using muslin. Before you arrive for your appointment, the herbal ball will have been warmed to draw out the essential oils. The herbal compress will be used in conjunction with other manipulation techniques to help you feel your best. Please inform Moh Puiy if you have any allergies to see if this massage is right for you.

What are the Benefits

The Thai Herbal Compression Massage has all the benefits of a Traditional Yoga Massage as well as:

  • relieve muscle and joint pain
  • herbs are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant and astringent
  • deep relaxation
  • increase blood circulation
  • nourishes the skin


This form of massage is not for everyone. Conditions that may preclude you include those for a Traditional Thai Yoga Massage as well as:

  • Certain allergies or sensitivities
  • Open wounds
  • Burns